A New Year - A New Way of Seeing?


Readers may have picked up on me promising photos of the fun nights had over New Years, and after a quick glance down the page wondered at their absence. Well, frankly they weren't good enough. (Apart from the one of the dog at the pool table, yeah, I'm gonna let you eat yourselves up with curiosity over that one.) Sure some of them were kind of entertaining, but that was all. And I began to wonder if that was enough. If this blog is to be about my photographic journey then do I want to trap myself into dumping masses of snaps from recent events, trips and gigs every week or so - or do I want to learn how to edit myself and just post the pictures I find interesting in some small, unusual way?  

My favourite blogger, Patrick LaRoque (him again) puts up a mere handful every week or so, but thanks to their stunning quality it satisfies my appetite. Ever since the Snowdon trip and the purchase of my dinky new camera I've being thinking more and more on different ways to take a shot. The work of Stephen Shore still rules my heart but now new influences are cross-pollinating. John Bulmer, Steve McCurry, Alec Sloth, Olaf & Kasia, Brandt, Vanessa Winslip...

This evening I went through the photos I took in December. Shots from the North and Bristol and Cardiff, street photography, urban landscapes, details, rural landscapes... I still have no real feel as to which direction I want to take. Hell, I can't even decide between black and white or colour half the time. What is my vision? I'm eager to find out this year where my strengths and weaknesses lay and to shoot, shoot, shoot. Keep shooting and keep editing down and keep learning.

Here are 33 images from December, click on any of them for a bigger image - thumbnails especially. Consider this splurge the emptying of my brain for a fresh beginning this year. Wish me luck! 

One thing's for certain, I'm going to make more use of Bristol. So many alleys, snickerts and underpasses. So many places for the light to splash and the shadow to pool. And they have Pieminister and Bath Ales. Sold.

I'm growing increasingly tempted by black and white and if it weren't for the combination of the gorgeous fuji colours and Replichrome's colour film simulations I'd have plunged in head first by now. It's perfect for overcast, gloomy days - which it is after all the norm here in the UK and in Winter, doubly so. I think I've got a handle on the look I like now. Hope you do too.

But yeah, I have to admit, I still find myself in love with Stephen Shore's way of seeing. If you haven't checked out Uncommon Places, please do so. He taught me to try and find something interesting in the most faded and dusty of places. To quote Mervyn Peake, "I'd paint a dustbin if I found it beautiful."

A very happy two thousand and fourteen to you all. My love especially to mum, dad, sister and the Dixon's and their new baby girl. Keep chasing the light out there, everyone and bless you all!