What's Red & Blue and Black & White all over?

Answer - A colourful Wales vs. Italy Six Nations Rugby match when I succumb to temptation and shoot it in black and white street photographer stylee.

Match day in Cardiff. The wind blasted down the concrete and brick corridors as yet another winter storm front began to roll in over Britain. It was cold and damp. Still men and women poured into the streets, making their way to the stadium. Two o'clock in the afternoon and the faces matched the two strips - red and blue; flushed with drink and blue from cold. Click on the pics below to embiggen them. All shots taken with the X-Pro1 and 18mm f/2 and processed in Lightroom.

The colourful scarves and strips blazed against the weather-stained grey buildings. Too colourful for me. I itched for black and white under that white sheet of sky, and began to concentrate on the crowd jostling, moving, hair blown about and faces grimacing with mirth in the wind. Incredibly, I was also given a free ticket to go to the game by a complete stranger. Alas, I had to pass it on. Lunchtime was up and I had to skedaddle back to work.

And so despite the shivering cold, the daffodils came out at last...