Nine Hours in London

Photographs shot on the X-Pro2 and 18mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 lenses.

London, a baking hot day. There's two shows in town I just have to see; Joel Meyerowitz at Beetles & Huxley and Neil Libbert and Harry Gruyaert at the Michael Hoppen Gallery. Predictably the three exhibitions knock my socks off.  If you're in town, catch 'em.

Between gallery stops I wander the streets, passing through a protest outside Whitehall against the beleaguered Teresa May, savouring rich smells of cooking in Chinatown, and risking the health of my wallet in a number of good photography bookshops. Finally I collapse with a couple of friends in a nice air conditioned pub where they serve cool and refreshing Badger Beer, before heading out again to shoot a little more street. Nine hours in London really isn't enough though and as soon as that beautiful golden hour light bathes the brick canyons of the city, it's time to run for that coach home again. Next time, the late bus.

It's a city I need to give more time to. Perhaps in future I'll catch one of those exhibition opening nights, or really sink my teeth into some dedicated street photography - mapping out the faces and facades of a chosen borough. Another thought, one that's been nagging me again and again. I need to post more. More quick little blog pieces like this one. So between the big rambling essays expect to see hit-and-run seven or nine photo-spreads with just a little text. Less waffle, more frequent imagery. That being said, I've still a big piece on inspiration and post-processing to finish. A blogger's work is never done. (Oh, and incidentally for regular readers who want to know, eleven of the fourteen shots were taken using my in-camera 'Velvia Bulmer' setting, a custom setting I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. See my Film & Vision post for details.)

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy that special summer light.