A Happy New Year from Llangrannog

It's been a while, Mr Blog, and I'm heartily sorry for neglecting you... but then it was Christmas with the family and a New Year's holiday in a remote cottage, so I'm sure you understand. What say I pop a bundle of images on you, make you feel better?

The New Year's cottage was actually a converted vestry in the little coastal village of Llangrannog on the West coast of Wales, only five minutes walk from two pubs, a village shop and a beautiful little beach. I was there with a bunch of friends ready to see in the New Year with some nice walks, a bit of feasting and a lot of whiskey and partying. And of course the wonderful X100 came along with me. I took way too many photographs for them all to sit comfortably in one blog post, so I'm splitting this holiday into respective daylight and nocturnal galleries. And because beautiful scenery is arguably more edifying than slightly drunken people, the daylight hours get to go first...

Aside from a few dog walkers and kids the beach was quiet early morning. But it was at its most beautiful. Late morning would see me return to the vestry to fuel up on bacon sarnies and black coffee, and in the soft window light of indoors I found that the X100 was pretty darn good as an environmental portrait camera too. Refueled it was time for more exploring. First plan was to photograph more random but willing folk skyklarking on the beach as it filled up, then a little expedition with friends along one of the wind-blasted coastal paths.

Sinfully delicious!

A meetup with friends to walk the headland. The sea was certainly getting rough, but it was nothing compared to the news I heard today of the storm surge that hit the coastline there, two days after our departure. Nothing as compared to a Hurricane's, but it ripped up the promenades pretty bad.

But the highlight for me lay in the sunset walks along the cliff edge. Blessed by the Weather Gods I lucked out with some fine skies and beautiful light. The blood sacrifice I'd made atop the cairn at the summit of Mount Snowdon had clearly been heeded. Once again the X100 found itself a sun-destroyer, effortlessly recovering seemingly blown out highlights.

Half past four in the afternoon and turning dark already. Time for home and a nice glass of Sicillian red. Only the wine would have to wait, for my friends Sue and Kay had appropriated it as a makeshift rolling pin. Never mind, expect to see lots of alcohol flowing in my next blog post covering the New Year's partying - and this time in classy black and white. Thanks for reading, please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what's working for you and what isn't and have a wonderful twenty-fourteen!