Sunburst & Snowblind - Part Two


Continuing on from last week's entry featuring my little Welsh city gripped in snow and ice, here are some more images my frostbitten wanderings. One thing I've recently noticed, I'm posting a lot fewer images in a post than I did in the earlier days of my blog - less is more and all that. I began with another batch of thirty for this post and just began immediately to whittle down, ditching images that were too similar in theme or content. Thirty went down to fourteen went down to eight. Sometimes you find that photographs that initially had you excited, you find yourself realising later weren't actually all that good. Usually they're ones that just have a little something wrong - often down to you thinking 'close enough' after the tenth attempt to capture what you were after. But 'close enough' is never enough. On the other hand there are images I once thought flawed that I kept meaning to delete, but somehow never could bring myself to. Now, years later, I find that perhaps they really do have a certain something. Funny that. You find that what you think makes a good picture changes over the years.

Of all the images featured here, I think I was struck by the rolled-up carpet the most. When I happened across the thing in an alleyway, it looked almost like a creature to me, frozen in the act of dragging itself across the wastes, mouth gaping and mournful, limb outstretched. Then again, perhaps I'd been out in the cold a bit too long myself...  with everything transformed by that blanket of snow, there was so much to hallucinate - I mean, er, to see.

Shot with...

 X-Pro2 with the 16mm f/1.4 & 50mm f/2  / The X100F with the WCL-X100

I hope you enjoyed the images, not my strongest set but I kind of like them. The snow has melted now, and a mere week on from my last post the weather has actually become almost Spring-like. Indeed, I ventured outside briefly without a coat today. Next issue expect something completely different, unless our weather goes completely insane. Once again thank you for stopping by and fingers crossed for some picnic weather sometime soon, eh?