Sunshine & Showers


Of late the weather here in Wales has been an entertaining mix of rain and shine. No sooner do I head outside under the promise of a brilliant blue sky, do dark clouds gather and pelt me with the wet stuff. Still, both makes for decent photographs, so who am I to complain? And with my job moving out of the town centre, leading me down different paths in my two mile walk to work, my Cardiff based horizons have expanded somewhat further. 

But despite the changeable weather, one constant has remained. Grab camera, get walking.

Get looking.

The big barrier in the photograph above, dissecting North Road, is part of the big security effort in Cardiff during the current NATO talks twenty miles away in Celtic Manor. Apparently the NATO world leaders will be visiting the castle for a bite to eat, and so the city centre has to go all 1980's Berlin for a while to accommodate them. Why they can't order in Chinese take-away I'm not sure. Anyway now things are brightening up...


Oh. Hello Mr Blue sky.

Thanks for stopping back and happy snapping out there.