Out & About with the X100

It's getting colder, fingers getting number, yet still they grip this little gem of a camera. I'm slowly getting better at working the street - and I'm finding the electronic viewfinder a real help in learning to previsualise a scene. Ironic really, since I was firmly in the EVF hating camp until I, y'know, used one. Firmware 2.1 has made both the X100 a nippy, customisable beast and pretty much bug free. But still, when street shooting, best to zone focus, kids.

Here's a few photos from recent out-and-abouts, and one from indoors.

I've been playing with Replichrome lately as well. I regret nothing, it's fun! It's basically a bunch of presets designed to mimic film that you can tweak your photos with in Lightroom. It's also a learning experience working backwards from the effects, seeing all those sliders and curves jump about the place, discovering what makes it tick. I think I'm most comfortable half way between the fuji digital look and the warmer films. The only problem is with near infinite processing options at your fingertips, finding your own style can be quite bewildering. Here be Roxy, rocking her look as usual.

And now back outdoors. It's fricking cold out there, you know?

There's no doubting it. Christmas displays have gotten more sinister since I was a kid. Click on the fearful shots below for the full versions. Yo ho brrr.

Later and wrap up warm out there, folks! Nos da!