Effie's Great Big Greek 90th Birthday

I was recently asked by a friend of a friend to shoot her mother's 90th birthday. The family has strong Greek roots that stretch wide and deep and they came in from all over to join the great celebration taking place at St. Peter's Church in Cardiff. There was Greek dancing, music, wine and song and, curiously, a hearty Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding. 

It was a great pleasure to shoot the event. It was giddy fun and at the centre of it all there was a sweet old lady named Effie, full of joy and vitality, despite the massive gale outside! A truly special birthday event.

What surprised me the most was everybody's willingness to dance at the drop of a hat. It was a wonderful place for candid photographs and I dug out my X100 to slip between the crowd, capturing the little moments. Later, emboldened by a glass of wine or two, I started working the portraits with the beautiful Nikon 85mm f/1.8d lens. But that's boring equipment blather, you want to see good folk having a great time, so on with the pictures!

Yes! Pictures! 

Frankly, I just love how ridiculously operatic this one looks. 

And now for the bundle - click on any image to pop up into the slideshow gallery. And if you're a member or friend of the family and wish to see more or enquire about prints, please contact me through the page on my main site. Thank you!