The Colour and The Shape


All images shot with the X-Pro2 and 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4r and 50mm f/2

The Barbara Hepworth Museum in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Every time I trip up North again to see family, I try to fit in a visit. The one-way system to the car park is a nightmare, the exhibitions an ever-changing joy. There's always so much to see whether it be sculpture, painting or photography and the exhibitions are always so thoughtfully put together. I kind of dig the grey cubist / brutalist building it's housed in, too. It's one of my favourite museum galleries and it's a real treasure house. Enough from me, over to the late, great Mrs Hepworth herself and her wonderful legacy...


The rich colours of those beautiful shapes. I just couldn't resist shooting in Velvia - once again opting to go with the straight out of camera jpeg image files. Colour accuracy be damned, I wanted to capture a strange richness in that mix of wood and bronze, fabric and copper. The beauty of a white-walled gallery space is that it makes those strange exhibits, those curious abstracts, really leap out at you - and at the camera too, allowing it to easily capture their colour, texture and form without distraction. It's the perfect place to learn how to frame a subject and after drinking in the exhibits, wired on the gallery coffee, it's a joy to photograph them too.