Into the Garden

All images shot with the X100T

Summer is here and with it blue skies and a cheery sun, something that's been a rare sight here in South Wales these last six months. My friend Bea and her dog Minnie had the right idea; indulging in some giddy stumbling around in the back-garden, grass under bare feet, basking in the warmth of a balmy June evening as her mum and dad fire up the barbecue. 

I plan on making more little pieces like this to put between the grandiose thematic posts, hopefully it should mean more content and less of a wait between stories. I've been building up quite the store of images over the last few months too, so I definitely should get down to doing something with them. It's probably owing to the wee X100T proving the perfect tool to record little on-the-fly pieces like this. It's the perfect photographic journal; so light to carry around and so versatile. And simple moments of laid-back summer fun with one's friends, well, always worth remembering.

The BBQ was delicious, by the way.