Adventures in North America - Terminal Velocity

This is the first part in a pictorial travelogue covering a four week trip around small town America and a side jaunt in Toronto. My mission; to explore and document the small rust belt town of Bradford, a place of 9,000 souls, nestled in a forested valley deep in the Allegheny Mountains.

But first I had to get there. First I had to negotiate Heathrow Airport...


The worst part of flying for me is the fear of bungling connections in getting to the airport, in somehow losing one's passport, in missing an important announcement. Once through customs and on board I'm perfectly happy. I love flying. I love the free wine. It's just the terror of form filling, necessary punctuality and brutal interrogation. It's a foolish fear, I've made four expeditions to America thus far - all of them trouble free. Excepting being reduced to a blubbering wreck by the odd Homeland Security scowl, of course.

But at least airport terminals have that special something visually. So many people coming and going and the roar of the planes taking off. I leave off patting my pocket for my passport for a few minutes at least, pull out my camera and start snapping...

Heathrow there and back again - departure and arrival - pre and post trip photographs.

Shot with the X100 and X-Pro1 with 18mm.

Toronto next; being a short stay in the land of Scott Pilgrim, craft beers and senseless violence. Then stick around for 'more-pictures-what-Pete-took' in my epic and reasonably interesting expedition to the autumnal valleys and gritty streets of small town Pennsylvania.