George's Wedding Disco

One of the circles of Dante's hell are surely reserved for wedding DJs. Fortunate then that of late at weddings it has been the bride and groom who have cherry picked the best tunes to dance to. George and Addie also had a genuinely good covers band play at their wedding disco, which seemed something of a miracle. Obviously, the resultant partying had to be captured.

It is the law.

So after shooting the Yashica Mat I switched to my trust D90 with its good old 85mm / 35mm prime lens combo. Not quite as awe-inspiring as the wedding photographer's Nikon gear on the right, but hey, they all suffer from crippling back problems by forty-five, so why feel envy? He was very good, by the way - and you can find his work here:  Ed Godden Photography

Ed Godden! Not me! Ed Godden! 

I never meant to shoot much of the reception. I was having too much fun listening to the speeches, enjoying an excellent sea bass and drinking fine wines. So there was only time for a few hastily grabbed shots...

And then came the disco, prefaced by the cutting of the cake! It was time to hit the dancefloor, speedlite in hand, and bust some moves to Arcade Fire, Los Campesinos, etc.

Phew. Look, it honestly wasn't that debauched. Honest. And none of us were the worse for wear the following day. Why, I even had the clear-headedness to grab a candid window-light portrait of a fellow wedding hotel guest... 

Sorry buddy, but look at the window light - you understand, right? Right?