A holiday continued...

It might seem hard to imagine now that Spring has finally, truly started; but there was a time without sun. A time when Britain was a land of endless rain and to look up at the sky was to risk drowning. It was a time to try men's souls in the article of camping.



Bugger this!

The weather finally broke us. After a generally sleepless night where the wind beat a tattoo on the tent fabric, we decided to upsticks and head to Alice's parent's cottage via the historical museum village Morwellham Quay. Not Roxy though, she had to get back to work. Indoors. Where it was dry.

Morwellham Quay is a preserved site consisting of workshops, waterwheel, trade ship and a mine tour by electric tramway. It strives to recreate life in the rural-industrial period of late Victorian Britain and the friendly staff there take you through the various stages of hard labour the inhabitants had to endure to mine, extract and export the copper found in the Cornish hills.

The museum also houses an authentic cottage.

Into the depths via electric tramway, documented by Potter and his old skool 3D camera.

Down in the depths of the mine...

For educational laughs, there was also a room allowing you to dress up in period garb. Naturally we practiced bad late Victorian Cornish working class accents.

"Itsa jolly brutal hardscrabble existence in a damp, back-breaking mine with you, Mary Poppins!"

It was a fun day and pretty interesting, especially the stuff about the 'Mine Maidens' who cracked ore with giant hammers for a living. Anyway, I leave you with a photo of one of the many resident village animals. This little hen's name is, excellently, 'Chicken Korma'...