Wales Goes Pop! - Gig Photography Fun

Last weekend saw the opening of the first Wales Goes Pop music festival in Cardiff, held in the spectacular setting of a 19th century church. I was lucky enough to be invited along to take photographs. Armed with my two beloved primes - a 35 and 85mm - I went to work with a Nikon D90. As the day wore on I happily took advantage of the Black Sheep bitter served at the bar, and found that by balancing my camera lens on the top of a plastic pint beaker I was able to gain an extra half stop of image stabilisation.  

Here's a sampling, just click on a thumbnail to bring up the gallery...

I also discovered that it is remarkably difficult to refrain from dancing while shooting a gig. So I didn't, combing a bop-and-shot technique that sort of served me well. More pics from the weekend to come, especially of Kid Canaveral, a rather fantastic new Scottish twee power-pop band.