George's Wedding

My friend George got hitched the other day to a lovely lass named Addie. Miraculously, the traditional drizzle of the British summer abated and gave us a glorious day of sunshine, perfect for busting out the Yashica Mat 124G film camera and getting some sunny 16 action. 

This was also the first time I'd given Kodak Portra 160 a go and I have to say I was impressed, mainly with the colour rendition. Though some shots weren't as sharp as I hoped (I blame the champange) I was once again pleased at the results you can get from Rolleiflex's cheaper brother. It was also certainly a magnet for curiosity, with guests gathering around and cooing at the strange chunk of twin-lensed bling I had around my neck. Even the pro-photog there wanted to pose with it! 

All my love for George and Addie if they're reading this, and keep your peepers peeled for the wedding disco photos later...!