Hello, my name is Peter Dareth Evans and I take pictures. Yes, that really is my middle name. And no, I am rarely seen without a hat.

I live in Cardiff, Wales and work in a local library. I began taking photography seriously only a few years ago, so I am still trying to find my voice, but the subjects I seem to love most revolve around small town America and environmental portraits involving the pursuit of curious hobbies and customs.

I favour natural light and I am still working up the nerve to be a good street photographer.

I'm available to shoot music gigs and odd projects in and around the city of Cardiff. If you think it might be my cup of tea, head on over to the contact page and shoot me a line.

Oh, and I cook a mean sausage pasta.


Most of what you see on this website was shot using the Nikon D90, a venerable workhorse of a camera. 

But recently I switched to the Fujifilm X line of cameras. Here's the current set-up:

Fuji X-Pro1 - Mirrorless System Camera

18mm f/2 - 35mm f/1.4R - 56mm f/1.2 Fuji lenses.

Fuji X100 - 23mm fixed lens mirrorless camera

Fuji EF-X20 Flash

And on occasion I will shoot an old Yashica Mat 124G TLR twin lens reflex film camera, with 120 film. For the hell of it.

I process my images in Lightroom 5

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Image Useage & Prints

All the images found on Petetakespictures.com are the property of Peter Dareth Evans, unless cited otherwise. These images are free to download and use on your own desktop or mobile device, but if you want to share them on any other site or social media network I ask that you please give credit and include a direct link to either the image itself or the website at http://petetakespictures.com

Please do not re-post full resolution images without prior permission. If you want use of an image for a personal blog or website, please contact me first. I don't bite. Also, if you're interested in good quality prints, please contact me for a reasonable price quote.


Favourite Music when Processing Photos


Richmond Fontaine

Frequently heartbreaking band that tell wonderful stories in their songs about hard-luck cases trying to get by. The lead singer, Willy Vlautin, also writes great novels.

Vaughan Williams

Great English composer, 'Theme on Fantasia by Thomas Tallis' is on heavy rotation.

Aaron Copland

What I listen to most of all when processing photos taken from America. Open prairie classical music.

Dust to Digital

Great archivist publisher of old-timey American roots, gospel and folk songs from the 1930's and way-back before.

Johnny Cash

Because awesome.